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Omaha is Game of Illusions Almost every hand in Omaha, especially high-low split, looks like it has great possibilities. Everyone envisions a winner.  Of course, that’s not true.  There are over 5,000 combination of cards in every hand dealt.  You need patience and discipline to wait for good starting hands.All four hole cards need to work together.  If that doesn’t happen, be prepared to fold. Omaha…

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Change Directions

watch Shortly before the pandemic, I played in a tournament at one of the most interesting tables I’ve ever experienced; loose calls, no regard to position, and testosterone-fueled aggression.  What to do?  I simply shut down, relaxed, played only super premium hands, and let the uber-warriors knock each other out.   And, they did.  I basically folded my way stress-free to… Continue Reading

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Continuation Bet

Buy Diazepam Legally Online The increasingly popular continuation bet, also known as a C-bet, is a wager after the flop (no matter the cards dealt) from the pre-flop raiser. It’s most effective when done in position and usually clears the field when your opponents do not connect.  It’s a good strategy because if you check, everyone gets a free card.  When isn’t it a… Continue Reading

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Tournament Re-buys and Late Entries

go here I’m always curious about tournament players who re-buy (when allowed) and, especially, those entering for the first time at level three or four (when possible).  Regarding re-buys, I suppose we are all optimistic that eventually the “tide will turn.”  A rush/heater is overdue.  However, to me the phrase, “good money after bad” comes to mind.  Regarding late entries, did someone… Continue Reading
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Rabbit Hunting

here A Poker Rant: Not sure how you feel about “rabbit-hunting” but, to me, it’s annoying and slows down the game.  “Rabbit-hunting” is when a player (who folded) asks to see the turn and/or river after the game is over.  Why?  To see if they made a good fold or should have stayed in.  Do they feel better or worse?  Yes,…

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