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Tournament Re-buys and Late Entries I’m always curious about tournament players who re-buy (when allowed) and, especially, those entering for the first time at level three or four (when possible).  Regarding re-buys, I suppose we are all optimistic that eventually the “tide will turn.”  A rush/heater is overdue.  However, to me the phrase, “good money after bad” comes to mind.  Regarding late entries, did someone oversleep, have car trouble, or is something else going on?  I recently spoke to a late entry aficionado and asked about the topic.  His response was interesting.  He stated, “I like to come in fresh…the people at the table have been playing for almost an hour and have burned a lot of adrenaline.  I think that gives me an advantage.”  “How about stack sizes, I asked?”  He replied, “I certainly wouldn’t be short stacked, but probably pretty close to a middle range.” That meant, one double up and he’d be in good shape.  My instincts tell me there is one missing puzzle piece.  Namely, after playing for an hour at a table, I pretty much know the personalities and playing styles of my opponents.  That’s an important aspect of playing poker.

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