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The Gambling Capitol of the World

here Where’s the Action? Las Vegas? Not even close. Macau, the mini-administrative region under the Chinese government’s control, has long been referred to as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” But its numbers are much larger than that. It not only dwarfs Las Vegas, but exceeds the entire gambling total of the USA! This former Portuguese colony generates gross revenue of… Continue Reading Blog, Poker

Fun Phrases From The World Of Poker

click here Considering the colorful characters playing poker, it’s not surprising that some wonderful phrases and quips have evolved. Here are a few. Anna Kournikova – A-K hole cards: looks good, doesn’t win that often. Big Slick – Another name for A-K in the hole. Belly Buster – Drawing to an inside straight. Card Dead – When a player is dealt lousy… Continue Reading
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Ambling and Gambling Nevada’s nickname is “The Silver State,” and is home to a casino resort on my list of favorite places to stay and play…The Silver Legacy Resort Casino in Reno. Ambling Hotels have their own personality so, after my speedy check-in, I wandered around to catch the vibe. I discovered restaurants, shops, entertainment venues, bars/nightclubs, the casino, race/sports book, and the…


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How Do You Play Pocket Aces? A Cooler and Good Advice.  In a recent tournament in the new poker room at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort in Reno, I was first to act and picked up pocket aces. I slow played them and four others called. The flop came 2-Q-8 rainbow. After two checks before me, I raised 1/2 the pot. To my surprise, I was…

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The Challenge of Low Limit Hold ’em

Buy Generic Diazepam Uk  What’s the problem? The answer is loose players. How do you shake them when it doesn’t cost much to draw for low percentage hands? Sure, in the long run, it will produce negative outcomes. However, when you’re playing with three or four calling stations at a table, the chances are that one will hit their miracle card (usually on the river).…

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Prop Players In order to fill seats at a poker table, some casinos/card rooms allow their staff members (including managers) to sit in on a game. This is an example of a “prop” player. It’s short for proposition and their function is to get games started and/or keep them going when a table is short-handed. Most often, when the table fills up,…

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