How Do You Play Pocket Aces?

click here A Cooler and Good Advice.  In a recent tournament in the new poker room at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort in Reno, I was first to act and picked up pocket aces. I slow played them and four others called. The flop came 2-Q-8 rainbow. After two checks before me, I raised 1/2 the pot. To my surprise, I was… Continue Reading

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The Challenge of Low Limit Hold ’em

Zolpidem Tartrate Where To Buy  What’s the problem? The answer is loose players. How do you shake them when it doesn’t cost much to draw for low percentage hands? Sure, in the long run, it will produce negative outcomes. However, when you’re playing with three or four calling stations at a table, the chances are that one will hit their miracle card (usually on the river).…

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Bad Beat Monday

follow link Played in the daily tournament at Casino 99 in Chico, CA last week.  Slogged my way to the final table, short stacked.  Picked up A-K unsuited and shoved.  Called by both big stacks.  The flop came K-6-7, rainbow.  Thought I was in pretty good shape until another all-in and call.  A pair of Kings was turned up along with 8-9 suited.…

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