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Don’t Be Too Eager To Drive Everyone Out

Buy Cheap Generic Ambien Last night in a limit home game, with Q-J-10 of diamonds on the flop, a player to my right bet the limit. Everyone folded except one player. The turn was a blank. He bet the limit again and it was folded to him. He showed the A-9 of diamonds; the nuts. Now, here’s the real story. We have a bonus for…

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Trivia: Top 10 Best and Worst Cities For St. Patrick’s Day Today, as a nod to St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve listed the top 10 best and worst cities for celebrating Ireland’s most renowned Saint.   Best Cities for St. Patrick’s Day 1 Boston, MA 2 Buffalo, NY 3 Omaha, NE 4 Philadelphia, PA 5 Pittsburgh, PA 6 Tampa, FL 7 Madison, WI 8 Lincoln, NE 9 Gilbert, AZ 10 St. Paul,…

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Poker Tutorial: Omaha 101 And An Insider’s Guide To Reno Wins 2015 NATJA Gold Award!

Ambien Online We are thrilled to announce that our app, Poker Tutorial: Omaha 101 and An Insider’s Guide To Reno (Formerly ‘Travel Reno’) has won a North American Travel Journalists  Association Gold Award, being selected as the best travel app. This marks the app’s first award. We will have more on the award soon. The initial press release is listed below. * PASADENA CA –…

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My Fantasy Road Trip: A Poker Odessey

Buy Zolpidem Online India As a travel writer, I’m often questioned about my dream vacation. My answer is always a “poker getaway.” I’d skip beaches, sightseeing, museums, shopping, sporting events, etc., and follow my personal yellow brick road in the direction of a casino or card room to play in Hold ‘em and/or Omaha tournaments across the country. My odyssey would begin in my… Continue Reading

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World Poker Tour DeepStacks at the Atlantis

Buy Real Zolpidem Every so often writing assignments sync perfectly with personal interests. So it was when I covered the World Poker Tour DeepStacks Tournament, hosted by the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, Nevada. There were 15 games scheduled over a 10 day period. The majority were No Limit Hold ‘Em, with buy-ins ranging from $65 – $1,000. Several were satellite events…

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Four Aces in Reno There are times when a travel story meshes perfectly with a favorite pastime. So it was on a recent trip to Reno, Nev., the “Biggest Little City in the World.” The visit included stays at the Atlantis, Peppermill, Eldorado and Grand Sierra Resorts; all four star, full-service properties. Best of all, I played in each poker room’s daily no-limit hold…

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