How Do You Play Pocket Aces?

follow url A Cooler and Good Advice.  In a recent tournament in the new poker room at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort in Reno, I was first to act and picked up pocket aces. I slow played them and four others called. The flop came 2-Q-8 rainbow. After two checks before me, I raised 1/2 the pot. To my surprise, I was…

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Bad Beat Monday Played in the daily tournament at Casino 99 in Chico, CA last week.  Slogged my way to the final table, short stacked.  Picked up A-K unsuited and shoved.  Called by both big stacks.  The flop came K-6-7, rainbow.  Thought I was in pretty good shape until another all-in and call.  A pair of Kings was turned up along with 8-9 suited.… Continue Reading Cheap Zolpidem