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Rabbit Hunting A Poker Rant: Not sure how you feel about “rabbit-hunting” but, to me, it’s annoying and slows down the game.  “Rabbit-hunting” is when a player (who folded) asks to see the turn and/or river after the game is over.  Why?  To see if they made a good fold or should have stayed in.  Do they feel better or worse?  Yes,…

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Giants of the Game In 2010 Poker for Dummies  listed their Ten Poker Legends. Stu Unger Johnny Moss Jack “Treetop” Strauss Benny Binion “Amarillo Slim” Preston Doyle Brunson Johnny Chan Phil Helmuth, Jr. Scotty Nguyen Chris Moneymaker What changes would you make today to this lineup?

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A Hand Not Played Why do we remember the hands we folded only to see the one card we needed turned up?  For the most part, we never think about our good folds. My 14 year old grandson is going to be a very good poker player; he likes math and thinks logically.  Of course, I have to break him of believing bluffing is…

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Playing Short Stacked

source site I’ve been in a home game for over 25 years. There’s a $50 buy-in and rebuys can occur when your chip stack is less than $10.  The other night, the host asked me if I’d like more chips and I replied, “No, I like playing short-stacked.”  I started thinking about why.  Of course, one doesn’t like getting into that position… Continue Reading

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The Jewel of Jamul

Buy Valium Cheapest Online The small town of Jamul is located in San Diego’s East County. Its highlights are the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge and several regional parks offering camping, hiking, fishing, and grand vistas.  My visit was to check out the three year old Jamul Casino located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. Tribal History The Jamul Indian Village is one of…

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Tells A tell is a physical action that sometimes or inadvertently indicates what a player is going to do or what cards he/she is holding.  Extreme examples would be folding out of turn (the ultimate and really easy to spot!) or betting/raising out of turn indicating excitement.  However, there are lots in between.  Advanced players/pros also look for betting patterns. An…

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