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Rabbit Hunting

source url Order Ambien Online Usa A Poker Rant: Not sure how you feel about “rabbit-hunting” but, to me, it’s annoying and slows down the game.  “Rabbit-hunting” is when a player (who folded) asks to see the turn and/or river after the game is over.  Why?  To see if they made a good fold or should have stayed in.  Do they feel better or worse?  Yes, if it was a good fold.  No, if the one-outer or runner, runner shows up.  Will it change their behavior in future games?  I think not.  Now, here’s what you might not have thought about.  It could actually give away information about the winning hand to the entire table. Add that to the list of why I don’t like it. By the way, most casinos don’t allow “rabbit-hunting.” Amen to that!


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