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A Hand Not Played Why do we remember the hands we folded only to see the one card we needed turned up?  For the most part, we never think about our good folds. My 17 year old grandson is going to be a very good poker player; he likes math and thinks logically.  Of course, I have to break him of believing bluffing is lying, but he will get the concept soon.  When we last had a family game, he was  dealing.  There was a call to the blind and then a maximum raise which was also called before it got around to him.  He, in my opinion, properly folded a 5-7 of diamonds.  The flop was 6-8-9 of diamonds!  He looked at me in shock.  The poor guy will never forget the night he folded before hitting his first straight flush.  It’s also questionable whether he will ever see it flopped again.

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