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How Do You Play Pocket Aces?

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see In a recent tournament in the new poker room at the Silver Legacy Casino Resort in Reno, I was first to act and picked up pocket aces. I slow played them and four others called. The flop came 2-Q-8 rainbow. After two checks before me, I raised 1/2 the pot. To my surprise, I was re-raised. I quickly called. The turn was blank. I checked and my opponent shoved. I folded and luckily the player showed his pocket queens. A couple of days later, I was playing at my favorite card room, Casino 99, in Chico, CA. I asked the affable floor manager, Mark Petlack, about playing pocket aces. I found his answer instructive. Mark said that he always plays pocket aces aggressively because he’s had them cracked so often. “I’d rather pick up the blinds and move on,” he stated. Incredibly, the next time I played, I found myself in early position with pocket rockets and went all in, picking up the antes. In my first example, queens would have called and I would have lost, but I think, in the long run, Mark’s advice has merit. How do you play pocket aces?


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