How do you play jacks before the flop? There’s an old poker saying, “There are three ways to play jacks; all wrong.” Let’s dissect it. Your choices are to call, bet or raise before the flop. Here are a couple of thoughts.

> Of course, folding is apropos when a tight player to your right bets or goes all in.

> When you flat call and get raised, think carefully about the range of cards your opponent plays and what flop will help. Some pros believe one should never call unless they can still compete with a raise.

> What’s your position at the table? A bet in an early seat may thin the field. However, if someone re-raises, then what? If you call and an over card is part of the flop, be very careful and don’t be a hero.

> If there are limpers in front of you, raise. Are you short stacked? If so, shove.

How do you play jacks?

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